"Forever Wicked"

***Beginning to 0:53 is Preshow

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"Inside The Web"

Based on the following music:

"Poison" - Alice Cooper*

"Wallflower" (Ballad) - Peter Gabriel*

"Spiderman - Homecoming" - Benjamin Squires*

"Inside the Web" - Frank Sullivan

*Requires Copyright Permission




This production takes place in a junkyard.  Utilizing the scrap parts and "junk", by making music with those items that others discard, is the theme of this show.

Based on the following music:

"Lollapalooza" - John Adams*

"In the Hall of the Mountain King" - E. Grieg

"Hallelujah" -Leonard Cohen*

"Bacchanal" - C. Saint-Saens

*Requires Copyright Permission