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"Turning The Tables"

***This production contains 3 copyrighted pieces.  They are "Turning Tables" by Adele, "Adagio For Tron" by Daft Punk, and "Hajnal" by Venetian Snares.  These pieces require copyright permission from the respective publishers before we can offer the arrangements for purchase.  Please contact us if you are interested in this production and we can provide further details on obtaining the copyright permissions.

***The battery parts heard in this production do not come with the show.  If you are interested in purchasing the battery parts, please contact Brian Blume at briancblume@gmail.com.



(Beginning to 2:03 is Preshow)

***Please note that this production contains copyrighted music and the rights for the music must be obtained from the publishers before we can provide you with the musical arrangements.  Prices may vary and are completely determined by the publishers.  As a reference, Tarpon Springs HS copyright fees for this show as is were $3,500.00.  



MP3 to be posted shortly.  Music by Metallica, Thank You Scientist, Ozzy Osbourne, Tears for Fears.