"Eurydice and the Underworld"

Selections include:

  • “Resurrection” by Son Lux*

  • “Symphony No 10, Mvmt. 2” by Shostakovich*

  • “Ode to Death” by Holst

  • “Symphony No 2, Mvmt. 5” by Mahler

  • *Requires copyright permission

(Beg to 1:15 is Preshow)




"To Have Loved and Lost"


"The Pack"

Based on the following music:

"Peter and the Wolf" - Prokofiev*

"She Wolf" (Ballad) - Sia*

"Hungry Like the Wolf" - Duran Duran*

*Requires Copyright Permission

Beginning to 1:20 is preshow (pre-recorded).


"Fontane di Roma"

This Grade 4/5 Production utilizes the often overlooked "Fountains of Rome" by Respighi.  There is so much wonderful music and melodic interest in this, the first piece of the Roman Trilogy!  "Reverie", by Debussy is the ballad.  All source music in this show is Public Domain.



This production takes place in a junkyard.  Utilizing the scrap parts and "junk", by making music with those items that others discard, is the theme of this show.

Based on the following music:

"Lollapalooza" - John Adams*

"In the Hall of the Mountain King" - E. Grieg

"Hallelujah" -Leonard Cohen*

"Bacchanal" - C. Saint-Saens

*Requires Copyright Permission


"Daphnis & Chloe"

This production was originally commissioned by Male HS (KY) in 2004.  It won the BOA St. Louis Super Regional.  I am updating it with a fresh arrangement for 2018.  Please note that the Grade Level is 4/5.  However, the Flute Solo part is certainly 5/6.  All music in this show is in the public domain, so no additional copyright clearance is needed.

NEW arrangement coming soon.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 3.48.52 PM-min.png


Based on the following music:

"In the Spring when Kings go off to War" - Holsinger*

"Bring Him Home" (Ballad) - CM Schonberg*

"Checkmate" - Frank Sullivan

*Requires Copyright Permission

The ending is being revised and will be available shortly.  A preshow will be added.



***Additional copyright permission is required from the publishers of the following music:

"My Immortal"(Ballad) by Evanescence 

"Breathe No More" (Preshow) by Evanescence

Show begins at 1:37. 0:00 to 1:37 is Preshow.

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 2.35.51 PM-min.png

"The Lost Boy"

***Additional copyright permission is required from the publishers of the following music:

"Lost Boy" (Opener) by Ruth B.

"Four Scottish Dances" (Part 2) by Malcolm Arnold

"When Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground" (Ballad) by Matthew Morrison and Aiden Gemme

"All That Matters" (Closer) by Laura Michelle Kelly

Show begins at 1:00.  0:00 to 1:00 is Preshow.


"Alpha & Omega"

(Temp) - We are still in the process of adding effects...the music is finished.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 6.22.53 PM-min.png

"The Grand Canyon"

***Additional copyright permission is required from the publishers of the following music:

"The Canyon" by Philip Glass

"October" by Eric Whitacre

"With Heart and Voice" by David Gillingham

(Temp) - We are still in the process of adding narration...the music is finished.


"BachXed In"

***Optional Preshow (Included with the show)


"The Coven"



"Romeo & Juliet"


"Mirror Mirror"




"The Ancient Art of War"