Thank you for visiting the Inspire Music & Entertainment Productions website!  If you are interested in purchasing an existing Inspire Music & Entertainment Productions work, please begin by reading our F.A.Q. Page as it answers many common questions. 

What is your preferred method of contact?

We prefer communication via email.  You may contact us by phone, but please be patient as our schedules and availabilities differ from day to day.  Typically, you will receive a reply to an email faster than a return call.

What is the price of a show, and how can I purchase or commission a show?

All Inspire compositions and arrangements include:
A. Theme PowerPoint Presentation
B. Complete set of Wind Parts and Full score
C. Complete set of Front Ensemble Parts and Percussion Score
D. MP3 recording of the full show

Typically, the following prices apply:

Marching Band:

Existing Composition or Existing Arrangement: $2000.00
Commission New Composition or Arrangement (Public Domain Only): $6000.00
For select shows, existing Pyware drill design templates:  Free with purchase of show.

We do not offer marching percussion parts at this time.

Winter Guard:

Existing Composition: 750.00
Commission New Composition: Depends on length, instrumentation, and
complexity.  Please contact us directly.

Do you offer Contest Protection?

We do offer Contest Protection.  For Regional Protection, we require your location and contest/festival circuit as well as your specific contest/festival schedule once you have it finalized.  If you are attending national regionals and/or finals, we offer Contest Protection as long as we know your full contest schedule intentions up front.  Obviously, we never want any band to participate in a contest or festival in which another band is performing the same music.  We take this very seriously, and please help us ensure this does not happen by proving as much information about your competition schedule as possible.  In a perfect world, every band’s contest schedule will not change.  Realistically, if a band chooses to change the schedule without notifying us, we cannot anticipate this change.  Again, your cooperation in this area is greatly needed and appreciated.  Our combined commitment to the teachers, students, and parents is of the utmost importance.  Thank You!

How long does my band have the performance rights to a show?

If you are purchasing an existing composition/arrangement, you have the performance rights for one competitive/festival season, which includes Contest Protection.

If you are commissioning an original composition, your band has the performance rights to that show indefinitely.  However, at the conclusion of one competitive/festival season, Inspire... Music & Entertainment Productions retains the rights to the production and it will be available to other bands for purchase.

Any unauthorized use of all copyrighted productions is strictly prohibited, and those responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Can I modify the title of a show to make it unique to my band?

Yes.  We realize that you may want to utilize the music and develop your own concept.  All we ask is that your show information includes a reference to the original work.  For example, your band decides to purchase "The Blueprint" and titles it something else...if possible, please include your new title along with... "Based on 'The Blueprint' by Frank Sullivan".

Can I modify the composition/arrangement and orchestration?

Yes.  We certainly understand that all bands have different needs.  We encourage you to modify the orchestration to best fit your students. If you choose to modify the composition/arrangement to fit your show
length choice, we trust that it will be done in a tasteful manner. 

Will you send a Finale file for us to modify?

If you have a specific need to modify a Finale file, please contact us directly to discuss.

Will you alter the compositions/arrangements to fit my band’s
instrumentation needs?

No. The compositions/arrangements are sold as is.  This is simply due to the time it takes to modify each score/part.  You may modify the compositions/arrangements to fit the needs of your students.

If you would like a modified version of an existing production, we may be available to provide this service.  Please note that the cost of the modified production would be consistent with an original

Can I view scores for perusal?

Yes.  We can send perusal scores via email.  For protection purposes, the scores will be in excerpt format.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at: