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"Inside The Web"

Based on the following music:

"Poison" - Alice Cooper*

"Wallflower" (Ballad) - Peter Gabriel*

"Spiderman - Homecoming" - Benjamin Squires*

"Inside the Web" - Frank Sullivan

*Requires Copyright Permission

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"The Games"

***The visual imagery of this production is copyrighted and permission must be obtained by the copyright owner before we can offer the music for purchase.  Please contact us if you are interested in this production so we may inform you further about the copyright permissions needed.

***Optional Preshow




Based on the following music:
"Ride of the Valkyries" - Wagner
"The Sanctuary" - from Pathfinder - Jonathan Elias*
"Starfire" - from Pathfinder - Jonathan Elias*
*Requires Copyright Permission

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  Preshow - 0:00 to 1:46

***Copyright Permission Needed for "Navras" by Don Davis***